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HI I'm Kata, your USAC Cycling Certified and IMBA Level 1 coach.  Drawing from over 17 years of experience on the trail with mountain biking and trail running I started at the beginner level and advanced to pro cross country riding and endurance riding.  Racing in the pro circuit since 2011, I have been fortunate to travel to many places all over the world.  The skills and knowledge gained over the years combined with my true passion to help others succeed has led me to the life of coaching.  Not just coaching, but mentoring, teaching, and inspiring others.   When I empower others, I find I'm empowered in return.

When you're with Coach Kata, you are provided a full service coach to be by your side, to assist in empowering yourself in the sport of mountain biking.  I sit with you to understand your unique motivations, your strengths and weaknesses.  I take the time to understand your goals and I create a path for you to achieve those goals.  Each of us is unique, don't settle for a cookie cutter approach, allow me to customize your strategies for success and then be there to guide you.  I look forward to working with clients that want to hone in on their trail expertise and who desire the best within themselves.  I look forward to making the road fun as well as highly rewarding.





Mountain Bike Coach - full service

Full service mentoring and coaching. 

  • Ongoing goal analysis and development

  • A Training Peaks paid account

  • Dynamic and creative training plans created 3-4 weeks out and adjusted proactively by the week for unforeseen circumstances

  • Field testing

  • Feedback and guidance on workouts weekly

  • 2 hours of email support and training feedback

  • A weekly phone call, athlete initiated, for items that need attention to and/or questions to be answered.

  • A pre and post phone call, athlete initiated, for all A and B level priority races

  • Articles of interest from my own readings sent via email to proactively bring topics up for discussion as needed

  • Guidance, support, motivation and inspiration to be the best version of yourself

  • A coach that is available and responds within 24 hours to athlete initiated correspondence

  • T Shirt and Trucker Hat upon sign on


Howdy! I just wanted to say that whatever Houdini shit you are using on your clients to make them faster is working! Seriously tho, I’m having a blast and loving the results of your coaching. Best decision I’ve made in riding.
— John Cox

Mountain Bike Coach - Custom Training Plan

Need a custom plan to reach your goals, but want to work the plan yourself?

  • Goal analysis and development

  • Dynamic and creative training plans created 1 month out in Training Peaks (does not include a paid TP account)

  • A monthly phone call for feedback and guidance

  • Merchandise available for discounted purchase

$125 a month

One-On-One and small group Skill Development

  • Skills sessions catered to individual needs.

$85 first hour, $30 additional hours. (individual)

$65 per person for 3 hours, minimum 3 persons.  

TP Level 2.JPG
Coach K picked up on my weaknesses right away and, as a result, I have come far in a short amount of time working with her. I’ve been surprised at her intuition on physical strength, exhaustion, sleep and nutrition and how well she plans my workouts to fit my schedule.
— Elaine Stanton




Professional Licensing

      USAC Cycling Level 3 - 2017

      IMBA Level 1 Certification - 2017

      NICA Level 1 - 2017

      Crossfit Level 1 Trainer - 2018

      Training Peaks Level 2- 2019

Personal Athletic Accomplishments

1/7/2019 6 Hrs of Papago 1st Woman’s Duo

    2/16/2018     24 Hours of Old Pueblo           1st Women's Quad

    11/14/2017      12 Hour of Fury                         1st Woman's Quad

     7/10/2017      BC Bike Race, 7 Day Stage       1st Female Duo

     5/6/2017         Chino Grinder 110M                5th Overall

     5/13/2017       MBAA Flagstaff                          1st Pro

     6/3/2017          MBAA Flagstaff 6'er                 1st place Solo

     3/10/2017        Cactus Cup                                6th, Pro

     2/11/2017        MBAA Havasu                            1st, Pro

     1/21/2016       Prickly Pear Pedal                       1st Overall

     1/14/2016       MBAA McDowell                       1st, Pro

     12/8/2016       Dawn to Dusk                            1st in 4man Coed

     11/12/2016      Cave Creek Classic                    1st Overall

     11/24/2016     12 House of Fury                        1st in Female Duo

     7/20/2016        Fire on the Rim                        1st Solo

     6/18/2016        24 Hrs Enchanted Forest         1st 5 Man CoEd

     3/21/2016         Beti Bike Bash                           2nd Pro

     2/13/2016         12 Hours of Fury                       1st, Female Duo

     1/30/2016          MBAA Estrella                         1st, Pro

     1/16/2016          MBAA McDowell                    3rd, Pro





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