HI I'm Kata, your USAC Cycling Certified and IMBA Level 1 coach.  Drawing from over 17 years of experience on the trail with mountain biking and trail running I started at the beginner level and advanced to pro cross country riding and endurance riding.  Racing in the pro circuit since 2011, I have been fortunate to travel to many places all over the world.  The skills and knowledge gained over the years combined with my true passion to help others succeed has led me to the life of coaching.  Not just coaching, but mentoring, teaching, and inspiring others.   When I empower others, I find I'm empowered in return.

When you're with Coach Kata, you are provided a full service coach to be by your side, to assist in empowering yourself in the sport of mountain biking.  I sit with you to understand your unique motivations, your strengths and weaknesses.  I take the time to understand your goals and I create a path for you to achieve those goals.  Each of us is unique, don't settle for a cookie cutter approach, allow me to customize your strategies for success and then be there to guide you.  I look forward to working with clients that want to hone in on their trail expertise and who desire the best within themselves.  I look forward to making the road fun as well as highly rewarding.